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High-Quality Framing for New Construction

Quality Framing for Your New Building or Home Addition in Burlington, NC.

Southern Builders of Alamance Inc ImagesA proper framing job is essential for a new structure and is perhaps the most important part of the quality construction. Ultimately, the finishing touches to your home or office rely on the framing which holds them together.

Our team of craftsmen are passionate about creating quality structures which are built to last, starting from the bottom up.

Before any project is complete, we work to ensure that the framing work is:
  • Framed square, level, and plumb
  • Made with high-quality lumber
  • Wrapped and flashed to be weather tight
We understand the advantages of a new structure can only be as good as its skeleton, so we only use high-quality fasteners, adhesives, and caulks in all aspects of our work.
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