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From the largest commercial complex to the most intimate residential community, no one offers a better framing product than Southern Builders of Alamance. Our Turnkey Solutions offer unparalleled quality in a streamlined, cost efficient manner that simplifies your process, improves your bottom line, and delivers your project on time and on plan with quality being the #1 motivating factor.

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Southern Builders of Alamance

We take pride in being one of the most efficient and speedy carpentry contractors in the business.

For years Southern Builders of Alamance has been streamlining the framing process, economizing labor and supply costs while coordinating delivery and installation phases for a neater, more efficient job site. There is a reason we have lasting relationships with other Custom builders in the area. Our framing is simply better! No one manages wood framing better than Southern Builders of Alamance. Let us show you how we can deliver an exceptional framing product and improve your bottom line.

Southern Builders of Alamance Turnkey Solutions allow you to combine all aspects of your commercial framing project into a time-proven, streamlined process that delivers your project on time, on budget and true to your vision. Equipment failure is never a problem, because in addition to providing transport trucks, forklifts and cranes, we supply our own mechanics to quickly resolve any mechanical issues. We have the expertise, supplies and manpower to begin your project, today.

    Our goal is to provide the highest quality construction, a safe working environment, and the best customer service at the most competitive prices. We are dedicated to continually achieving the best quality and service. Our, quality translates into meeting our customer requirements in a consistent and efficient manner, while optimizing production.

    Our Commitment

    Our solid framing structures are designed for residential and commercial build outs as well as damage restoration and repair. We also offer remodeling framing services, such as structural repairs, wall removal, and wall additions. From commercial and residential new construction to repairs and remodeling, we have the skill and attention to detail needed to complete any project. We ensure your job is done correctly the first time, giving your interiors the look you need with a guarantee you can count on.

    Our Mission. Our Goals.

    Southern Builders of Alamance takes pride in everything we do. We treat co-workers and customers like family more than mere business associates. We put people first. Our goals, decisions, and actions focus on creating a better future for everyone associated with US Framing and make the wood framing industry better as a whole.

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    Pre Construction

    We take a proactive approach to pre-construction; we work with your team to start the jobs off right, by thoroughly assessing and planing to mitigate any risks associated with the project, including evaluation of the construction site, permit and inspection requirements, and any other special situations that need to be resolved before or during construction.

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    We deliver the results our clients expect and help your family or team manage the difficulties of the wood framing industry.

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    Southern Builders of Alamance Images

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